Money makes the world go round; we simply can’t do without it. Everyone wants it but few know how to handle it.

We at the Czech National Bank are at home in the world of the economy and finance – and not only the world of personal finance. We know exactly how the economy is faring and how we are doing by comparison with other countries. Now you too have the chance to learn much of what we know by visiting the Czech National Bank’s Visitor Centre.

Come to our fun and educational exhibitions in Prague and Brno and find out countless information about the central bank, as well as many surprising and interesting facts about our currency.

And that is not all. For those interested in learning more, we offer a wide range of accompanying programmes, as well as the possibility to visit our special library and archive.

Choose a topic you are interested in, book a date for your visit and come to the Visitor Centre to discover the world of money and the economy. We’ll help you so you never get lost in this world again.