Almost 1,000 visitors enjoyed the Visitor Centre in an unusual setting

Almost 1,000 visitors enjoyed the Visitor Centre in an unusual setting

Almost a thousand visitors viewed the permanent and short-term exhibitions and enjoyed the accompanying programme.

In addition to tours of two permanent and two short-term exhibitions, which provided an overview of our monetary history and central banking, visitors were able to learn some interesting and lesser-known facts about our cash through a special accompanying programme on money.

Throughout the evening, workshop participants could step into the shoes of banknote designers and test their knowledge of banknote security features. They also experienced the vibrant world of money during two special video screenings. In addition, they could watch the educational series Discover Oldřich Kulhánek's World of Banknotes, which focuses on various motifs and details of our banknotes. The short film Banknotes through the Eyes of Students gave visitors an insight into the process of designing paper money.

The highlight of the evening was a guided tour of the Oldřich Kulhánek's World of Banknotes exhibition, during which its curator Jakub Kunert acquainted visitors not only with Oldřich Kulhánek's banknote designs, but also with aspects of the designer's work that did not make it to the exhibition.

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