The Czech National Bank is unique in what it does. The Exploring the Currency exhibition will not only take you on a journey to discover our currency, but will also reveal what lies behind it and the seemingly impenetrable concepts associated with it.

Come and discover what the Czech National Bank does to maintain price and financial stability in this country. Also, how does it ensure smooth currency circulation? You will find out the who, why and how of decisions on monetary policy settings and instruments, financial stability and financial market supervision. But you will also learn that our central bank not only operates at home, but is also active abroad. All its activities will be presented to you in a clear and interactive way in different thematic areas. Above all, you will discover that each of our lives is being lived against the backdrop of the Czech National Bank and our currency, without us even knowing it.

Exploring the Currency programme in Prague

Guided tour
max 34 persons
90 minutes
School group

Come visit our interactive exhibition and join in our games and activities to learn about the Czech National Bank and its role in our daily lives.

You can also look forward to an escape game in the vicinity of the CNB building in Prague and other interesting activities.

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