People and Money exhibition in Brno

Are you interested in how the currency developed in the Czech Lands? Visit our Brno exhibition and we’ll give you an insight into its history and, as an added bonus, the specificities of how the currency evolved in Moravia.

Come and see unique documents illustrating the history of monetary policy and money. You can also look forward to our fun audiovisual programme, examples of counterfeits and a presentation on the security features on our banknotes.

Beauty in Glass and Metal exhibition in Brno

Take a CZK 5 coin out of your wallet. Do you know who designed it? It was sculptor Jiří Harcuba (1928–2013), one of the most important designers of Czechoslovak and Czech coins.

Besides visiting the People and Money exhibition, you can also see several dozen unique items documenting Harcuba's life-long work, bequeathed to the Czech National Bank by this world-renowned glass designer, sculptor and medal maker.

People and Money exhibition in Brno

Guided tour
max 30 persons
90 minutes
School group

Visit our permanent exhibition to discover the history of our currency and central banking and learn about the work of Jiří Harcuba, designer of the current CZK 5 coin.

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