People and Money exhibition in Prague

Have you ever wanted to see a real strongroom? Now’s your chance. The People and Money exhibition is located in the former strongroom of Živnostenská banka, now the Czech National Bank. Come and find out all about the history of the Czech and Czechoslovak currency and central banking in the international context.

There is certainly no shortage of remarkable items here. It may surprise you to learn how money was created, how it evolved and how the financial system developed in parallel. You can also find out how banknote security features changed over time. Last but not least, an audiovisual programme is also available.

The latest addition to the exhibition is a unique heavyweight CZK 100 million gold coin! The Czech National Bank issued this coin in 2019 to mark 100 years of the koruna. It is the largest gold coin in Europe and the second largest in the world. 

People and Money programme in Prague

Guided tour
max 34 persons
75 minutes
School group

Learn about the history of the Czech currency and central banking. Find out what our ancestors paid with and see how heavy gold is.

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