ECB President visits the CNB Visitor Centre

ECB President visits the CNB Visitor Centre

The CNB Visitor Centre opened its doors to a prestigious visitor on Saturday, 10 September 2022. President of the European Central Bank Christine Lagarde visited the centre at the invitation of Governor Aleš Michl. The informal meeting was also attended by CNB Deputy Governor Eva Zamrazilová, Director of the CNB Visitor Centre Dita Vejnárková and CNB chief archivist Jakub Kunert.

After a meeting of European central bank governors and a meeting of EU finance ministers, Christine Lagarde set aside some time for a tour of the CNB Visitor Centre. With interest, she walked around our new interactive Exploring the Currency exhibition and the People and Money exhibition, which is located in a former strongroom. At the end of her visit, she wrote kind words on our message wall to visitors and the Visitor Centre team alike.

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