Brno Museum Night and other events at the Visitor Centre

Brno Museum Night and other events at the Visitor Centre

Read about how Brno Museum Night went, and discover the other events you, your family and friends can look forward to at the Visitor Centre in June.

On Saturday 18 May, visitors experienced the Brno exhibitions in an unusual night-time atmosphere as the Visitor Centre participated again this year in Brno Museum Night, with its special programme.

Visitors of all ages interested in the world of money and the economy enjoyed guided tours of the People and Money and Beauty in Glass and Metal exhibitions. As part of the accompanying programme, visitors learned about the security features of our banknotes in a playful way, examined the authenticity of their banknotes under UV light and scrutinised them under a magnifying glass.  

They all received educational gifts for being knowledgeable.

If you also want to experience our exhibitions in a somewhat different way, please mark these two dates in your calendars. On Saturday 1 June 2024, Children's Day, we look forward to seeing you in Prague to celebrate the Visitor Centre's second birthday. The Visitor Centre will offer you, your children and loved ones a day of fun, education, competitions and creative workshops. During the celebrations, we will announce the winner of the 2nd year of the CNB Governor's Award.

But that is not all! The popular Prague Museum Night returns to Prague on 15 June 2024, and the Visitor Centre will be part of it. Like in Brno, you can visit the Prague permanent and temporary exhibitions after hours, complete with an accompanying programme. There will be a workshop and a guided tour of  Oldřich Kulhánek's World of Banknotes exhibition led by the curator.

Come with your loved ones and enjoy these special Visitor Centre days with us!

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