Oldřich Kulhánek's World of Banknotes

Oldřich Kulhánek's World of Banknotes

You are warmly invited to a new temporary exhibition entitled Oldřich Kulhánek's World of Banknotes. The exhibition, organised to mark the 60th anniversary of Oldřich Kulhánek's arrival on the art scene, offers a comprehensive view of his creative activity in the field of banknote design.

The exhibition not only explores the current Czech banknotes and their content, but also includes banknote designs that were banned in the 1970s for political reasons and prints parodying serious paper money from the Funny Money cycle.

The exhibition presents Oldřich Kulhánek as an extraordinary graphic artist inspired by man and humanity, and above all as a Czech banknote designer who had a distinctive view of the world, a view he incorporated into his work.

The exhibition is located in the Visitor Centre in Prague. It will be on display throughout 2024 during Visitor Centre opening hours (Tuesday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.).

How well do you know Czech banknotes? To accompany the exhibition, we have created a new cycle of educational videos called Explore Oldřich Kulhánek's World of Banknotes (available in Czech only). The videos give a detailed insight into the various motifs Kulhánek incorporated into his designs for each banknote denomination. They can be found on the CNB Visitor Centre website under Objevte svět bankovek Oldřicha Kulhánka – cyklus videí here.

We look forward to your visit!